Reporting to Post everlasting

William Jackson Sr 13APR1921 - 19AUG2019, U.S. Army, 54th Coastal Artillery Regiment (All Black),  WWII. 

Post 105 Chaplin for 5 years. 

Bob Page, 23AUG1926 - 7AUG2019, Post 105 Chaplin, U.S. Navy.

James Lee Williams, 12MAY1946 - 12APR2019, Executive Board Member, U.S. Navy Mobile Construction Battalion (MCB-10) 1966

Reporting in 2018

  • Max Allen, 1925 - 18JUL2018,  WWII U.S. Navy 

  • James Peters, 26NOV1946 - 2APR2018​,  U.S. Navy Vietnam, Post Commander and Executive  Booard member Post 105,

Reporting in 2017

  • Mark Reasoner,  3JUL1932 - 31OCT2017,  Viet Nam US Navy

  • Vincent Truscelli, 27JAN1925 - 27AUG2017, Post Commander, and Executive Board Member, U.S. Navy WWII

Reporting Before 2017